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  It’s understandable why the age of 65 has been synonymous with retirement. For decades men and women have pressed toward that mark in order to receive “Full Retirement Benefits” from Social Security. With that guaranteed monthly income for life now flowing in, many folks call it quits and can begin Retirement. Let’s look at a simplified definition of retirement: …

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The “Skinny” on the Fiscal Cliff

    With a few choice terms, Politicians and the media have struck fear in the hearts of Americans. Learn what’s “Behind the curtain”

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Tim Rosen discusses the “Financial Pitfalls of Conventional Wisdom”

\”Against the Grain\” Chapter 5

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What about Predictions?

(Past performance does not guarantee future results)

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“Wall Street Marks Second Year of the Bull Market” on Fox Business

  Watch the latest video at

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Mark Matson on Fox Business

Mark shows you how to “keep your cool” in the markets; addressing issues from Gold, Bonds to value companies…

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So You Think You Can Time The Market?

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How to get out of debt!


Helpful, entertaining video from Registered Investment Advisor Rep. Tim Rosen.

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