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What Fixed Income Should Do For Your Portfolio

As the U.S. markets are enjoying growth and “High Points” the speculators and certain talking heads are beginning to promote their “plays”- get out of U.S. stocks while they are up and buy “Fixed income.” If you’ve been reading my e-mails and taking my coaching for any length of time, you will be able to recognize this as Speculating and …

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Time to Retire the 401(k)?

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The Pitfalls of 401(k)s and How to Avoid Them! Pt 1

    Let’s start with the positives of the 401(k) plan before we get into the Pitfalls. Number One, once you set up the plan your contributions are automatic; you do not have to think. You can view this as “forced discipline.” Number Two, there┬ámay be a Company match; you make a contribution and they match your contribution , typically …

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Tim Rosen discusses the “Financial Pitfalls of Conventional Wisdom”

\”Against the Grain\” Chapter 5

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401(k) Cautions

Your 401(k) could supplement, but not replace your retirment income planning. Here’s why…

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